About Us

At Zaika, we believe that healthy living is nurtured through our connection to the world around us. Making a connection to others, to ourselves and appreciating the elements that make us whole are the foundation of our practice.

With our authentic Indian food and elemental décor, we create a culinary experience that fuels the mind, body and soul. The restaurant is designed to create the perfect space that connects people through our food and cherish our human relationships.

Zaika's ambience pulls our guests out of the hustle & bustle of Midtown Manhattan and welcomes them into our serene oasis with a calming waterfall entrance. The walls have a flowing design that evokes gentle ocean waves, and cool blue light glows from the molding. There are also Indian murals from a local artist adorning several of the columns.

Join us and feel the heat of fire, the rush of water, the richness of the earth and the freshness of air!

Experience Zaika!

Coming soon to Zaika, our new Lunch Pre fixe Three Course menu starting from $13.95 and up


Our team

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Each of our team members has brought their passion, talent, and years of experience to bring to your table the finest authentic Indian dishes. Our experienced kitchen staff is known for their tandoori delicacies, an ancient Indian art of cooking food in clay over tandoors which is rooted in the rich culinary history of India.Team Zaika strives to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience at Zaika New York.

Naresh Sondhi

General Manager

Naresh Sondhi is a manager known for being very particular about quality and service. Mr. Naresh Sondhi is a celebrated figure in the industry for his customer-eccentric approach. Mr. Sondhi is impeccable in his sense of duty and understands the importance of customer satisfaction. Mr. Sondhi learned the ropes of F&B industry, steadily working his way to becoming an admirable manager.